Custom reticles, apertures, TEM grids, resolution charts and other micropattern products can be made to your exact designs

Graticules Optics offer flexible tailored solutions to deliver bespoke micropattern designs. Precision images are available on most types of glass, ceramic and film or in metal foils to suit the exact application needs. We have the capability to deliver orders both on a one-off basis and in larger volumes.

To discuss your custom design, email us directly at or call our team on +44 (0)1732 360460.


Process to transfer very high definition positive or negative images from a master onto a substrate.

Deposition coating

Coating capabilities for deposition of chrome, gold, silver, copper, aluminium etc.


Manufacture of precision glass etched components. Typically etch & fill and depth standards.

Anti-reflective coatings

From single layer to multi-layer coatings ranging from the visible to infra red spectrum.

Electro-forming & etching

Facilities to manufacture precision metal foil products (high definition edge and shape, double plating in various materials).

Photomask creation

Wide range of photomasking and artwork processes available to suit all application needs. Sizes range from 4" to 32" on numerous glass types and coatings.

Glass grinding & cutting

Glass workshop services to very tight tolerances.

Optical assembly & cementing

Optical manufacturing facilities providing mounting of apertures into housings, cementing of lens doublets and alignment of reticles into optical assemblies, etc.