Precision slits for Spectrometry

Graticules Optics' apertures are used in a wide array of applications, one of them being precision entrance slits for spectrometers.

Spectrometry is the study of the interaction between light (electromagnetic radiation) and matter. In a spectrometer, light will be transmitted to a diffraction grating which will separate the light into different wavelengths. Each wavelength is then analyzed in terms of transmittance and absorbance as it pass through the samples and strikes the detector. This information is then used to determine the structure and properties of the sample.

In a spectrometer, the entrance slit is a key component, as it will determine the optical resolution and the performance of the system. The slit will control the amount of light that will go through the spectrometer. 

For higher resolution systems, a high definition slit without beam scatter is essential. Due to our electroforming process, we are able to manufacture slits with excellent edge definition and exceptional shape accuracy.

Choosing your size of aperture is key in determining the resolution and signal strength. You need to determine the width, length and thickness of your slit. The narrower your slit, the higher resolution you will have but it will decrease your signal strength. We also offer the option of double plating for thicker air slits with greater mechanical strength. 

Graticules Optics offer a large range of precision micro-apertures for spectrometry and specialise in providing custom-made solutions from single pieces to production batches.

View our standard range of pinholes and precision slits on foil and glass here: Graticules Optics Precision Apertures

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