Database of Reticle Diameters for Common Microscopes

To make it easier to find our which diameter reticle you need to fit your eyepiece, Graticules has created a large database which lists many of the eyepieces from the main microscope manufacturers and shows the diameter required. In most cases it is best to use the printed markings on the outside of the eyepiece to look up in the manufacturers tables. See this link:

If your eyepiece or microscope manufacturer is not listed do not worry, we have a video that shows how to measure the diameter required for your eyepiece, click on this link:

Note: When an eyepiece has markings of say W10x/22 it does not mean the reticle required is 22mm. The 22 is the field diameter of the microscope and the reticle diameter is always going to be larger than this.

We can make reticles in ALL diameters so if your diameter is not listed, we can still make - contact