G24 Walton & Beckett 5:1 Pattern images provided for illustrative purposes only



Walton & Beckett 5:1

Key features

Eyepiece Reticle with Walton/Beckett for Asbestos 5-1 Ratio. All with calibration factor of 4 for use with 40x objectives.

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The Walton and Beckett graticule is used for counting fibrous dust (e.g. asbestos or glass fibres) and is particularly useful where the majority of fibres to be counted are shorter than 5 micron. The circle is divided into four by two diametrical lines scaled in units of 5 and 3 microns respectively. 3 and 5 microns are the critical measurements of fibre lengths used in fibre counting. Unlike the usual globes of other particle graticules the Walton and Beckett has a series of shapes to compare objects with. These shapes have been designed for comparison with fibres, especially since they incorporate an aspect ratio of 3:1 or 5:1 essential for such analysis.

IMPORTANT NOTE. The circle on these Walton & Beckett reticles must represent 100 microns at the stage and each one must be manufactured to suit the individual instrument. Therefore, details should be provided with your order of :- Calibration factor, if known or Objective magnification, eyepiece magnification, diameter of reticle disc required, microscope make and model. All Walton & Beckett reticles are normally used with 40x objectives giving a calibration factor of 4. In some microscopes there is also an additional 1.25x magnification to give a total objective magnification of 50x - these will have a calibration factor of 5. All standard Walton & Beckett reticles are supplied with a calibration factor of 4. Other calibration factors are made to special order. These reticles will require a calibrated stage micrometer to verify the sizes - See PS12 . For phase contrast verification see also S84.

Line Thickness

0.010mm +/-0.002mm

Glass Type and Thickness

Soda Lime 1.5mm thick

Overall Tolerance


Diameter Tolerance



Correct reading through glass